Dafri Studios: Dancing Free Mini-Documentary

Our mini-documentary highlighting the work and process of Lexington artist Jason Thompson AKA Dafri Studios!



"Dafri is a vibe, OK. I am a vibe."

All it took was a shirt and a chance meeting, and I was completely hooked.

I was first introduced to the work of Jason Thompson AKA Dafri of Dafri Studios through a pick-up of an incredible Black Lives Matter t-shirt he had designed, and after an hour and half conversation later, I left feeling deeply impacted by not only Dafri's art and studio space but the person behind it; his personality, philosophy, and whole approach to what is art and commerce.  The totality of Dafri's art and storytelling feels totally of the zeitgeist while simultaneously indepedent of it, and his process of creating is just as complex.

"My space needs to be an extension, number one, of who I am and what I stand for... which is love, which is community... which is openess. I want everyone when they walk through that door, I want them to leave not the same way that they came in."

Dafri's passion for community and inclusivity drives him to make many of his pieces available in a variety of formats, from the original work to prints, postage carge and t-shirts, most of which are available at DafriStudios.com. It was a t-shirt that led me to his story and the many others he has to tell, and I am so happy we're now able to share this piece all with you.

Client: Dafri Studios
Customer Producer: Jason "Dafri" Thompson

Producer: Robert Tipton

Director: Robert Tipton

Director of Photography: Sawyer Holcomb

Editor: Sawyer Holcomb

Filmed on location at Dafri Studios and in the Media Collaboratory studio