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Meet Your Collaborators
Award-winning artisans from ....everywhere!

Unmanned Services, Inc.

Our stable-mate here in the Media Collaboratory is Unmanned Services, Inc. A veteran-owned drone company, Unmanned provides high resolution picture, video and mapping support services utilizing the capabilities of remotely operated aircraft to many different industries, such as: Power and Utility, Telecommunications, Media Production, Construction, Mining Reclamation, Civil Engineering, Disaster Management, Accident Reconstruction, Agriculture, Real-Estate, Aerial Progression, Mapping and Thermal Surveying. Great guys and beautiful work.



Emily Comfort

Emily has a passion for animation, film and TV production, taking commissions to edit for television, and to create motion graphic videos. Emily is also a print media specialist, focusing on illustration, event posters, shirt designs, branding, private art commissions. You see her hand all over our work!

Emily does work for clients across the country who commission her illustrations for their unique style and her knowledge of both print and digital media. When taking a break, it's not uncommon to hear her play the banjo ukulele for her cats, who greatly prefer its sound to her theremin.


eLink Design - Virtual reality Solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) is set to change the way people enjoy entertainment, interact with friends and get jobs done. eLink Design is at the forefront of this exciting new computing platform, providing research to concept -- creation to execution. Advanced visualization, simulation and VR offer the most immersive experience of all.





Charley Pallos

Charley Pallos is a native of Los Angeles, CA with over 15 years experience in film / video post production, motion graphics / 2D / 3D animation, interactive multimedia and print design.  As a Creative Director at The Cannery in Burbank, CA, he played an instrumental role in major award-winning projects for Disney, DreamWorks, Activision, Fox and Nike, including the DVD menu design and animation for both the Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary and  Aladdin 2 disc Special Editions. Prior to that, he worked as an in-house compositor / 2D / 3D animator for Ultimatte in Chatsworth, CA, the Academy Award® winning blue and greenscreen compositing software and hardware company. While at Ultimatte, he also taught blue / greenscreen compositing classes to some of the industry's leading VFX artists at the American Film Institute in Hollywood, CA. Before that, Charley worked at Marvel Entertainment's West Coast coloring division as a digital colorist coloring covers and interior pages for some of Marvel's most popular titles including Spider Man and X-Men.

In 2004, Charley moved to Lexington where he currently lives with his wife and their 3 daughters.


Kinny Landrum

Kinny Landrum is a composer, arranger, producer and keyboardist who has worked with such unusually diverse people as Leonard Bernstein, The Meters, Carly Simon, Jimmy Cliff and David Lynch. He was the synthesist on the seminal TV show "Twin Peaks", which won a Grammy Award. He has scored a number of feature films and documentaries such as "A Touch Of Fate" with Teri Hatcher as well as being nominated for an Emmy Award for his score to "Living the Story: The Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky". His songs appear on albums by such artists as John Whelan and Francine Reed. He orchestrated the Broadway show "In My Life". And he studied with Oscar-winning composer John Corigliano while earning his Master's Degree in Music.


Gina Willis

Shooter, editor, photographer and project manager, Gina Willis is our Austin, Texas connection. Gina hails from sunny San Diego, California ... Gina Willis hails from sunny San Diego, California. In 2006 Willis arrived on the Lexington scene after a seven-year stint in the military in order to return to school and to be closer to her family. While pursuing her degree in education Willis enrolled in the Bluegrass Community and Technical College Filmmaking Certificate Program. After successfully completing the course, Willis worked with the Media Collaboratory for over a year before pursuing opportunities in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. Today, While in Austin, Gina completed the Film degree at the Austin Art Institute and is takin’ care of business Austin style.


Trigger Happy Productions

Marc Gurevitch has more than 20 years experience as a DP, as well as being a working Gaffer and Lighting Director serving an international clientele.

His company, Trigger Happy Productions, offers a 5-ton package, complete with over 80 lighting instruments and the grip to support them. He also carries jibs and dollies. For our production track, Marc will be offering a hands-on overview of lighting techniques including hi-contrast, low-contrast, day-for-night and night-for-day as well as both the psychological and logistical aspects of lighting design.



Archie Borders

Working from coast to coast, Archie Borders is a Producer and Director with over twenty years experience in filmmaking and production. Through his production company, BWK Media Group, Archie’s most recent project is as producer, writer-director of the feature film, “Pleased to Meet Me,” an adaptation from of the nationally syndicated radio program, “This American Life” and “Turnaround,” a dramatic short produced for Kentucky Educational Television.




Stu Pollard

Writer / Director / Producer

A native of Louisville, Pollard has been making films for more than a decade. His producing credits include BASS ACKWARDS (Sundance ’10), TRUE ADOLESCENTS (SXSW ‘09), DIRTY COUNTRY and IRA & ABBY.  He has also directed two feature films, NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.  Among Pollard’s projects in development are HARMONY, a drama written by Brad Riddell, BEGIN RIVER ROAD, a drama based on Chris Bohjalian’s bestseller The Buffalo Soldier, and DEAD WRONG, a thriller penned by best-selling author Joel Engel.

He additionally freelances as a consultant (see, specializing in private equity financing, investor relations, and distributor delivery. Also an educator, Pollard is an Adjunct Professor at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and has presented/lectured at dozens of other organizations nationwide, including the Sundance Institute, Film Independent, and IFP chapters in Chicago, Phoenix, and Minneapolis. Pollard majored in business at Georgetown University and earned his MFA in film production from USC. He is a member of the DGA and serves on the boards of the Kentucky Derby Museum, the Kentucky Center for the Arts, and the Georgetown Alumni Association. He resides in Santa Monica, CA.


Chrissy Joy

Chrissy is an on-camera talent, spokesperson, and associate producer. Chrissy Joy spent her childhood years at the Jersey Shore and began riding horses at a young age. She is an accomplished equestrian, certified through the British Horse Society, and graduated a year early as Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Equi-Business.

On the flip side, Chrissy Joy also has a passion and strong dedication for acting, hosting, radio, voice-over, public relations, print, singing – branding herself as "MultiMedia Talent & Equestrian". Beginning her dreams in 2010, Chrissy Joy worked hard in New York City and appeared on TV and film for NBC, CBS, FX, ABC, along with commercial work. In April of 2010, she appeared on "Rachael Ray Show" as a model - what an experience!

Chrissy Joy is always seeking opportunities in the multimedia industry and aiming for her high goals and dreams. She's a positive, optimistic girl with a great outlook on life – always professional and having fun! She is now focusing her efforts on the multimedia industry and specifically films. Her favorite quote is: "Take Chances, Make Opportunities" and she loves to see others pursue their highest hopes and dreams.



From the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael Dougan A U.S.C. graduate and George Cukor scholarship winner, Michael Feit Dougan’s screenwriting credits began with, Public Access, which earned the Grand Jury Prize for “Best Picture” at Sundance. He has since consulted industry-wide on script and story development. His client list includes Jeff Allard (Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 2003), Debbie Brubaker (The Darwin Awards), Colin Hodges (Avid Systems), Denise Minter (Dreamworks Animation) and Iain McCaig (Concept Designer Harry Potter IV). Michael is a founding member of the Kentucky Film Lab and has presented story design concepts at Dreamworks Animation in both Redwood City and Burbank.

Michael’s production roster includes the short subjects: In This Corner, I/O Error, Road Rage which he wrote, directed and produced. His first feature as a producer and editor, Making Metamorphosis, premiered at the 2001 Mill Valley Film Festival. 2007’s feature-length documentary, Anarchy Ahead,, will present Michael’s first work as Director of Photography

His experiences lead to Michael’s contribution as a co-writer of Developing Digital Short Films (2004) with Sherri Sheridan for New Riders Publishing. In the realm of academics, Michael’s tenure as a professor of Digital Motion Pictures at Cogswell College, earned him both the 2003 Presidential and ASB Teacher of the Year Award as well as being awarded “Teacher of the Week” by the San Jose Mercury News. Michael actively lectures at San Francisco’s Film Arts Foundation and works as a freelance consultant.


Mindy Faber

From Chicago, Minday Faber is an award-winning independent video producer, curator and media educator. A recipient of a 1996 Rockefeller Intercultural Media Fellowship, Faber's series of videos produced in collaboration with teenagers have reaped numerous awards, screening at hundreds of venues, including the National Conference on Multicultural Education, the Nashville Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and the Taos Talking Pictures Festival.

From 1986-98, Faber was the Associate Director of the Video Data Bank at the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the world's most important and renowned resources for video art and alternative media. Faber's own work uses humor and autobiography to reveal how private conflicts are played out upon stages formed by historical and social conditions. Her most acclaimed work, Delirium is about the history of female hysteria starring her own mother. Delirium was awarded Grand Prize in Video at the 1994 Berlin Film Festival and First Prize at the 1993 Atlanta Film/Video. Faber's work has been screened at such diverse venues as the Museum of Modern Art, MTV, Showtime, PBS, the Lux Theatre in London and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Her work has been written about by Michael Renov (USC), Chris Straayer (NYU), Miranda July (Filmmaker) , Patricia Mellencamp (UWM) and many other film theorists, curators and scholars


Grayson Tyler Johnson

Grayson Tyler Johnson, a Lexington native, received his MFA in Film and Video Production from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a BA in English from the University of Kentucky, graduating with an emphasis in creative writing. Grayson's thesis won Best Feature Comedy at the DIY Film Festival in Hollywood, CA. A film buff and screenwriter at heart, Grayson enjoys weaving visual narratives as well as teaching script writing workshops in partnership with the Lexington Film League. He will be providing writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing support for our customers as well as teaching script writing workshops for the New York Film Academy in New York City.


Jeni McDaniel

Along with her BA in Fine Art from Morehead State University, Jeni has also completed postgraduate study in web and graphic design. Since 1990 she has resided in the Lexington area and combined her passion for creativity and love of horses in many aspects of her life. She serves as a volunteer in organizing the High Hope Steeplechase, the Rolex 3-Day Event and playing a djembe drum in The March Madness Marching Band.