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Project Management
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The Media Collaboratory is an incubator, an idea factory. We originate, nurture and manage ideas from conception to full operation and beyond, bringing creativity and consistent management skills to the project.

Keep It Real

Keep It Real: Don’t Drink Underage is a public/private partnership we initiated in 2004 with Bluegrass Prevention, the Kentucky State Police and the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Program to educate high school students about the dangers of underage drinking. The project is an Internet/Video Contest that encourages students to create their own public service announcements about the dangers of underage drinking, enter them into an online competition, and become eligible for rewards of excellence given on our “Oscar Night.” To date, more than 5,000 students have participated with entries and more than 40,000 community members have visited the site. This is a project-based education program originated at the Media Collaboratory. Visit Website

History Happens

History Happens, at, is a collection of music videos about people who made a difference in American history. History Happens introduces music into the teaching/learning process. Students learn the songs naturally then remember the details of the story, thus developing a sense of place and character for American history. The program puts a “face” on history and students become ready to learn more becasue of their active knowledge of characters and places from history. Arthur Rouse and the Media Collaboratory in association with a community of songwriters and music artists from around the US produced all music. Visit Website

The Kentucky Film Lab

The Kentucky Film Lab was launched at the IdeaFestival in 2002 as an organization to enhance the Cinematic Arts in Kentucky through collaboration, education, production and distribution support. The goal is to bring world-class filmmakers to Kentucky for both production and teaching…and to introduce Kentucky’s emerging world-class filmmakers into the worldwide cinematic arts community. The KFL has sponsored and operated workshops with Jon Landau, Domenica Scorsese, Jason Shankel, Jack Epps, Jr., Victor Kemper and more. KFL regularly holds sessions at the IdeaFestival in Louisville, Kentucky. Visit Website